About Us

Clearway Advisors was established in 2006, with the objective of providing advisory services in the field of Business, Strategy and Human Resources. The firm has been founded by professionals with over 5 decades of experience in the industry.

We enable clients to achieve breakthrough performance, by assisting in capability development, through a transparent and collaborative consulting approach.

We believe in collaborative consulting, an approach that not only leads to skills building in clients but also has a high degree of acceptance within organizations to change. Clearway's consultants are entrepreneurial and always focus on ways to empower the clients' team, while at the same time bringing to bear their experience and expertise in every assignment.

Clearway provides clients easy to comprehend and easy to use solutions. "Clear - way" means clarity in thought & action. We believe that the best solutions are the most simple to implement. Our objective is to help clients build capabilities not dependence.

Our Talent Acquisition services are supported by our extensive networks, database and experienced staff. Our team specializes in identifying and sourcing candidates, meeting exacting client requirements.

Working out of offices in Delhi and Pune, and with associates in other locations, we have associates and partners in major cities in India.