Values Discovery

The Clearway Values were discovered at an offsite at a small village named Pangot, near Nainital.

The process started with identification of personal values of the team, through reflection, identification of role models and ideals, analysis of decision points.

A number of values were listed at (each member had 5 to 6). These values were then grouped through an affinity process to the final 4.

Following the affinity, the definition/meaning of each value was negotiated and behavioral indicators were agreed upon.

The vision discovery process was most interesting. I am happy that most of our values for the vision that came out through process were similar. We got to know a lot about each other which we never would have discovered if we had not been on this trip. I loved the bonfire and the way every evening we sat lazily and enjoyed our selves. I am sure this is something I may not be able to do for long. In all, I am glad I made it with Rajesh and Rachita as they made the trip really memorable and I am sure this is something I want to carry along. Of course I will take revenge for the boating jokes.

-Aditi Chhotray