With significant experience of helping large, small, multinational, domestic companies across sectors hire Talent, our Consultants have developed deep insights into the hiring process. In this section we are sharing some of these insights and pointers, that shall enable Job seekers to plan and effectively navigate the transition to a new Job.

While these may be simple, these small tips are sometimes what help you in making the right preparations and avoid making small mistakes that may lead to your candidature being rejected.

We are confident that even experienced job seekers shall find value in reading through the pointers shared in this section.

Our Consultants prepare and present white papers and articles at various foras. Download some of articles and papers:

Understanding The Venture Capital Process: Download
An insightful guide into the process of capital raising through venture capitalist's. A good guide for evaluating ideas, and understanding capital raising process.

When to raise money?: Download
What is a good time to raise capital? Is it possible to time capital raising with requirements, or is there more to it.

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