Talent Acquisition Practice

Clearway Advisors is a Recruitment Partner for mid to large sized organization. We have served over 100 organizations in the past 10 years.

Our recruitment business is founded on the same principles that govern our Talent Consulting business that is of creating "enduring value" for the clients.

We understand the importance of hiring the right candidate in the shortest possible time frame. Our consultants focus on ensuring that you concentrate on selecting the best candidates rather than screening them for fitment.

Staffing Solutions
We partner with clients to meet their mid to senior management staffing requirements in the domain and areas that we service. We can put together entire start up teams and help in the subsequent ramp up to enable the client to get off the ground running.

  • Team Acquisition - work closely with the founders to build initial startup team.
  • Hiring for Growth / Ramp up - we provide pre screened pool of candidates with specialized skill sets to facilitate hiring for business growth.
  • New Project Staffing - work with the hiring and project teams to acquire specialized skills.
  • Backfilling - quick turnaround to ensure business continuity.

Executive Search
Retained assignments on search for leadership / CXO level positions. Our team specializes in identifying and sourcing candidates, meeting exacting client requirements.

Advisory Services
Our Advisory services are delivered on a collaborative consulting partnering model. The services include:

  • Employee Market Intelligence - helps clients in understanding hiring trends and who else is active in their potential employee ecosystem.
  • Recruitment and Hiring strategy - assist clients in building robust short and long term talent acquisition strategies aligned to their business goals.
  • Strategy and Benchmarking - helps clients in aligning compensation with the market

Executive Search
Our reference check service assists clients in getting inputs from past employers and supervisors, thereby leading to better informed hiring decisions.