Success Story 1

Development of a Performance Management Systems for a Client

The Situation
A diversified conglomerate headquartered in north India, with diverse business interests from Aviation to Steel to Food and Hospitality was expanding and needed to adapt modern methodologies to measure performance and reward employees. Clearway was invited by the Group Head of HR to design, develop and implement a Best in Class Performance Management System across the group. The Chairman of the group gave us a one line brief - "I want my employees to be happy, and be proud to be working with our group - design a system that shall enable this".

The group had since inception, never used a PMS or systematic tool for measurement of performance or reward.

The Solution
At Clearway our consultants understood that while the solution needed to be contemporary, it had to be applicable across diverse industries, and to top it all, it also needed to be simple and easy to administer and manage.

Our consultants carried out in-depth interviews with Managers across the Group to map competencies, and devise a measurement scale. At the same time working with the leadership to align them to the new system.

The resultant PMS system was designed so that it could be either electronic or pen and paper, depending on the user. It captured competencies across the group so that career planning and intra group exposure could be given to employees. The system also maps the fast trackers and would provide a succession road map.

The Result
A Performance Management & Reward System that is implementable across group companies, and has the potential to identify and nurture the fast trackers and also map developmental needs of all employees.

Following our philosophy of enabling our clients, Clearway has trained the client HR team, and provided the client with all collateral to roll out the PMS to various group companies.